Amazing mini-gardens growing out of snail shells? How to make your own


How to make Adorable Snail Shell Miniature Gardens? [Do-It-Yourself]

I thought that creating  minature gardens was kind of old hat, but the other day I came across an article by Kimberley Mok, Writer at She posted this very artistic blog about How to make DIY Adorable Snail Shell Miniature Gardens.

I have to say I was enchanted!


Not only are they something that anyone can create, but their tiny stature reminds us how fragile life can be…”


What I love about this article is how Kimberly shows that anyone can use plants creatively,  and that when it comes to gardening space, or lack of it,  is no barrier to your ingenuity.

This is a really great DIY article that will give you a lot of ideas when it comes to gardening and artistry.

You can read the original post here. It gives you all the details you need to create you own snail shell gardens and explains how to use and care for small-growing succulents too.


snail shell garden © megan andersen

© Megan Andersen


I have to say that making these wee green, living ornaments is a joy – I don’t know about you but I’m adding these to my home made Christmas gifts list.

Have fun and do let me know what you think about the article (and remember to +1 and share too ~ thanks)