Could electric vehicles be a viable, everyday option for your family or your business?

What would convince you or your business to change your car or transport to an EV?



Apparently the number of electric cars in Scotland struggle to top 60 and one of the obstacles to getting more of these local pollution busters on the road is the lack of charging points that drivers can use over a long journey across the country.

However, if you live in Glasgow and drive an EV, or are a company keen to reduce your local carbon footprint,  you can get a charge right in the city center at Scottish Hydro Centre for free.

Keen to know more?

  • How would changing over to Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) help your business stand out from the crowd?
  • How would your bottom line improve if you could reduce your fuel costs to 2p a mile?
  • What are the costs and incentives?

These are all important questions that you can get the answer to at the Electric Vehicles event being organised by the Energy Saving Trust at the SSE Hydro Center on the morning of Tuesday 20 November.

The event is free for Scottish businesses who want to test drive an EV and learn about the benefits including tax incentives and funding.

The event is limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.

How to register

You can find more details here at, and can register for the event on the Energy Saving Trust’s website.

Or contact:

Robbie Dalrymple

Business Support Officer
Energy Saving Scotland advice centre – Strathclyde and Central

So what so you think?

How would driving an EV make a difference to your life or work? Have your say, and please share the conversation with a +1 – it only takes a moment.