It’s  becoming clear that most people feel that an alternative to carbon based energy is important for the future.


solar panels on roofMany people across the UK are concerned about the rising price of utilities,  and the impact of fossil fuels on climate change.

When it comes to saving money and saving the planet,   solar energy, captured by efficient PV panels, is a realistic, viable and effective solution.

Introducing Sheffield Solar Farm

The University of Sheffield has been running a two-year solar energy project at Sheffield Solar Farm. The project forms part of Project Sunshine

Hundreds of homeowners and commercial organisations across the country have been involved in project and have been uploading their energy generation figures to the project’s specially created website for two years. The data has given experts an unrivaled insight into the performance of the different types of systems available.

Amazingly,  results have shown that 98% of more than the 2,000 systems in the scheme are still performing better than expected.

Dr Alastair Buckley, a lecturer from the University’s Department Physics and Astronomy, was surprised to find so many of the photovoltaic systems – which turn light energy into electricity – were so successful.

Buckley said:

“We would have expected more systems to be under-performing – but it seems that the UK weather, with its lack of direct sunshine, actually makes installations less sensitive to orientation than might be expected.”

You can read the complete article posted on Click Green here


So in conclusion it seems that roof top solar PV panels are getting the the thumbs up.

Finally Jo public (that’s you and me) can confidently do our bit to ward off climate change while getting the direct benefit of producing energy that will put a bit of cash back in our pockets too.

So how do you buy the right solar panels and what do you need to know before you take the plunge?

Take note that some companies are way off base with their claims about projected savings and income during their sales pitches. To protect yourself from inflated claims I recommend Which? Magazine as a reliable and unbiased source of  information.

You will find a really great article in their website “creating an energy saving home guide” that covers all the ins and outs – FAQ’s – pros and cons of PV panels and more.  I recommend that you take a look before you ask any company to give you a quote.


So what do you think?

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