It’s just a fact that most of the women I know enjoy creating an inspirational space for themselves and their family.

You know what I mean, somewhere that reflects their personality and values, where friends, family and kids can feel right at home.


gutter cleaning glasgowIf you have been reading this blog you will know that the UK is  in the midst of National Maintenance Week. 

Now before you decide that routine maintenance important to you, here is  a great short video from the  website, reminding you of the outside jobs that will protect your home before winter really starts to bite.

Why not send the guys outdoors with a trowel and a bucket while you get started on smartening up the rooms that matter to you most.

On that note I was recently inspired by a couple of inspiring D.I.Y design articles

I don’t know about you, but with the Christmas party season descending upon us, I start thinking about entertaining.

Personally like to prepare well in advance and generally spend some time clearing the clutter and brightening up my living space so it’s easier to manage, and cosy and comfortable for folks coming to visit.

No. 1> How to do a bathroom makeover on a budget:
This helps you take your bathroom from bad to beautiful in just two days!

weekend bathroom makeover Glasgow


2> Smarten up a bedroom with finishing touches for curtains: This illustrates how inexpensive curtain accessories can create a smarter, more restful sleeping space.

bedroom curtains design Glasgow

So what do you think?

How would a mini home makeover make a difference to you? Have your say, and please share the conversation with a +1 – it only takes a moment.