Bonfire Night, love it or hate it, it is almost upon us again.


Fireworks display River Clyde, Glasgow
Euan Colin George: A fireworks display next to the River Clyde, Glasgow”

So, what will you be doing on bonfire night this year?

If you fancy a fabulous firecracker show and are tired of disappointing bonfire nights because you didn’t know what field in your area would be hosting the ultimate fireworks event we are here to help.

I’m a bit of a fireworks fan myself and while browsing to find some local displays & bonfires to visit (yes if I can get more than one in I will) I checked out the well known Glasgow Green event (Sat 5 Nov, 4pm; free).

It’s is one of Scotland’s biggest bonfire events, offering hot food and local radio DJs, but from reading the reviews from last year it may be a bit overwhelming if you don’t like loud music drowning out the sound of the rockets going off, or have young children to take along.
It’s not the only well organised event going on.

Families Glasgow website have posted a comprehensive list of what they think will be the best fireworks displays and bonfires in and Around Glasgow 2012.

These include firework displays in Paisley, Greenock, Cumbernauld, Airdrie, Coatbridge, Glasgow Green, Strathclyde Park, Dumbarton, Ayr Racecourse and Kilmarnock.

So wherever you are off to on November 5th, remember to keep you pets indoors – wrap up warm and get going early to make sure you get a great view.

Have a great time, and remember to let us know where you went, what you did and what you though of the evening.
Oh, and on a farewell note:

For those of us who remember the custom of making an effigy of Guy Fawkes by stuffing old clothes with straw and newspapers  and sitting on a clod November pavement and asking passers by for a “penny for the Guy” This video is for you.

It’s a short reminder that takes me right back to the classroom when about 8 learning how was and why Guy Fawkes Night became a National Event. Take a look– I learnt a couple of fascinating things I was not taught in school
~ Enjoy ~