5 Colors That Will Never Fail To Bring The Spring Season Into Your Living Room

When we think if Spring we think if new beginnings. Now is the time to brush away the drab days of winter and let the light in.

Spring is a time for cleaning, shedding the musty feeling of winter and using colour and light to freshen up our homes. We have put together five delightful and daring shades that will  keep your home feeling vibrant and lively, throughtout the year.

1)   Poppy red

This may seem a little too warm in comparison to other more sprig shades of the spring, but, when done nicely, it fits to perfection. Poppy red is the one shade that is a perfect blend of spice, energy and exotic, with a slight hint of earthy undertones. However, obviously, on its own, it’s a pretty bold shade and can be pretty overwhelming. Accents of matte black, ocher yellow or grainy beige in the form of a rug, vases or furniture, balance this vibrant color effortlessly, without any compromise on the style or theme.

2)   Teal

Teal is fresh yet matured, and is very easy to complement with other colors. The obvious choice to pair with teal would be orange, in varying shades. However, you can also throw in some dark green or ink blue, or even some grey.

For instance, if all the walls are painted teal, then leave one wall for grey, or use ink blue drapes, or a dramatic vase, with dark green and orange prints and patterns.

3)   African violet

It is very stereotypical to think that African violent is too dark a shade to go with the spring theme. Violet is playful, yet elegant; classic yet sprightly. And even if you paint the whole house with this color, it will still manage to look good, on its own.

To make this color stand out more effectively you can opt for neutral or pale tones like off white, khaki or beige. Off white furniture and linen drapes against stark violet walls really allows this color to stand out. You can also use accents of black through the use of cushions, lampstands or wood furnishings to create an imposing effect.

4)   Powder Blue

This is one of those shades that can look beautiful even without anything to complement it.

This color is so fresh and light that we see no reason why it should be limited to a baby’s nursery. Powder blue is not only easy on the eye and relaxing, but also a good reminder of open spaces and balmy skies.

For a quiet effect, you can mix powder blue with whites and cream. On the other hand, if you intend to add a  dash of boldness and warmth, try using accents of lush green potted plants, deep purple drapes, or woody brown leather furniture with zesty lemon rug and cushions.

And remember, powder blue is such a great backdrop that it allows you make a strong statement by adding a burst of color with bolder and imposing shades.

5)   Cherry Blossom

I dont know about you, but when I think of Spring I think of the soft pink of cherry blossom.  The sublte vibrancy only lasts a couple of weeks, and perhaps it is this brief visual feast that makes the color so appealing.

Blend the beauty of this ephemeral color with taffeta white or steel blue furniture, a lone wall painted in Finn or silky beige drape. If you’re feeling bold, you can also add moderate accents of gold, in the form of vintage light fixtures, frames or vases.

This post was kindly contributed by guest author Sophia Easton from Leather Creations, a custom leather furniture company.  Sophia is an interior designer by education and maintains company’s blog.


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