Need more space to store away summer? The fun and frugal way – buy and build a shed.

The last couple of days I’ve been getting up to frosted windshields and a bite in the air. Despite that the days have been bright and sunny this week, the time for lounging and pottering in the garden is finally over.

It’s time to store summer away until next year. You know the kind of stuff I mean – garden chairs, tables, cushions, parasols, barbecues, chimineas – the problem is where?

The Garage is the obvious answer but I have to say that ours is crammed full. So the alternative it seems is a good old garden shed.

Most folk I talk to these days are looking to save their cash, especially with Christmas coming and a couple of friends mentioned that a DIY shed could be a money saving option, as is buying second-hand (Gumtree has loads to look at)

I don’t know much about buying or building sheds and my DIY skills are a bit rusty, so I tapped a couple of the contractors we use at Walker Sandford for some tips, and I now feel encouraged to give it a go myself (it’s a two people job so I’m roping in a friend).

I’ve been researching on the web and I came across this detailed, and hopefully useful, step-by-step HOW TO BUILD A SHED by DIY Donny. It even includes a PDF document I can download and print out.

I also found and watched a bunch of videos on YouTube. This one by the guys at Shedstore was by far the most informative and easy to follow.

So, the next task for me is to decide on the best spot to build it.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress so come back and check out the blog often…

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