If you were born and bred in Glasgow you will know that Port Glasgow grew along with many other areas in the 1800′s to support booming industries which have now declined.


port glasgow docks set for revamp

Port Glasgow Docks

The area is up for demolition but there is controversy surrounding the regeneration plans. So what’s the problem?

The problems Port Glasgow faces are a sore point for a good number of it’s current and past residents alike.  Many say that “This area has too long been run down”. Now the town centre is set to be transformed by a £3.19m regeneration project.

Regeneration convener Ronnie Ahlfeld said:

 ”We have already put considerable investment into Port Glasgow over the past few years and in February approved a further £1m to ensure the momentum in transforming the town centre was maintained.”


Is Port Glasgow ripe for a fresh start?

Woodhall Port Glasgow

Woodhall, Port Glasgow

Now, a shadow of its better years it has become an isolated area of high unemployment “…a dumping ground for DSS rental tenants with no where else to go”.

Known for it’s social problems, “…over the past two decades it’s become over populated with drug dealers & addicts”. The area is up for regeneration and scheduled for demolition.

Many say that when taking the issues and problems of the area into account, demolition and redevelopment is the only way forward for a town running out of options?

Urban Realm in a recent article opened the debate on the fate of Port Glasgow.

Their blog post on the subject is well thought through and the comments add depth to the arguments to what should happen next.  It’s great reading if you are interested in the future well-being and design of Glasgow.

This is where to read the original post (and the many interesting comments).


So what do you think?

Have an opinion? Worried that planners and developers will repeat the mistakes of the seventies? Want to know what will happen to the residents of Woodhall &  Clune Park?

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