Glasgow Tenement Style Property

Let’s face it, we all like choice and property owners are no different

Occasionally they want to appoint a new Factor because they either find managers who provide better services or their current property manager is not fulfilling obligations.

Now, I suspect if you are reading this page that you are unhappy with your present Factoring arrangements and you may be thinking about changing your property manager.

The problem for many people is that despite wanting to change, there is often confusion regarding how to go about it. There is also a well perpetuated myth in Scotland that owners are tied into their property manager for life!

Whatever your reasons for considering switching, we would like to help you get the truth about what you can do to appoint a new Factor for your property.

Truthfully, switching couldn’t be easier. You see, just like
choosing home insurance you can change your Factor at anytime by
takeing a few simple steps. Setting things in motion is a clear
cut process as simple to follow as A – B – C

Quick reference guide

To make things easy we have put together a quick reference guide that walks you through what you need to do.

You have two main options:

The first is the D.I.Y method where you go through the process yourself.

The second is to contact us and we will make the arrangemts for you for a conveineint and painless transision

The D.I.Y Method

1. Contact Walker Sandford Property Factors to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.

2. Arrange a Residents’ Meeting. The timescales will be set out
in your Deed of Conditions

3.Provide copies of Walker Sandford’s quotation at the meeting.

4. Carry out a vote to retain or remove your current property manager.

5. If the required majority is in favour the decision is made.

6.Write to your property manager to inform them of their dismissal.

7.We will make arrangements to manage your property or Developemnt thereafter

The second option

Simply contact us by email or phone 0141 221 2263 and as ask us to take care of it for you. After all, taking care (and managing the details) is what we do for all our clients.

Things to remember:

1. Make list of people who attend the meeting and create Minutes
2 .Changing to Walker Sandford is a no risk proposition because we offer you a no hassle Property Management Guarantee

Our Genuine Guarantee:

We are so confident that you will be impressed with our reliability and the quality of our service that we bring you the offer of a written Guarantee.

We assure you that if the majority of owners is dissatisfied with us within the first six months

Now how many other Factors will give you an assurance like that?

Let us prove it to you

If you are fed up with the treatment and services you are receiving from your current Factor we are proud to say that you will find our approach efficient, friendly, polite and refreshing. We would love the opportunity to prove it to you so why not get in touch today and experience the Walker Sandford difference