Renovating and remodeling your property can not only improve the way you live in and enjoy your home, but if done right it can also add value and increase your home’s future selling potential.

Typical residential property renovations that will add value to your home include:

  • Laying new flooring
  • Replacing the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Installing double-glazed windows
  • Converting unused space (e.g. loft, garage)
  • Extending your property

You need to think carefully about the work you want to so as not all renovations will improve your property’s value – over-extending, removing important features or adding awkward or small rooms could actually reduce the value of your property. Renovate to suit the property – large kitchens and additional bathrooms in family-sized homes are more likely to add value, as would adding a garage or off-street parking to a property in a busy, urban area

There is no doubt that wherever you are located any of these improvements, when doe right, will increase your home’s value.

  • By adding on a conservatory to your home, you can add £9,420 to the overall value of your home
  •  By adding a loft conversion you’ll be adding £16,152 on average to your home’s value
  • New windows can add £4,866 to your home’s asking price
  • A room extension will be adding £15,665 to the value of your home on average
  • A new bathroom will on average add £2,955 to the value of your home
  •  Redecorating your house will add £3,100 to your home’s asking price
  •  New kitchen is a good update and a modern kitchen can add £4,577 to your home’s value
  • Re-carpetting the house and treating the floors to new carpets will add £1738 to your home’s asking price
  • Resurfacing your driveway should add £2,679 to your home’s value

These figures are estimates and depending on your postcode the average figures either increase or decrease , so checkout the infographic below for a more personalised estimate.


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