How to get rid of your bathroom blues.

When was the last time you took a look at your bathroom with a critical eye?

When we use a room daily we stop noticing its flaws and it’s easy to go on forever in a bathroom that needs some serious updating.

Changing your bathroom needn’t be as expensive as you think – you just need to be creative and think about the features you want to include.

Close your eyes and imagine relaxing in a steaming bubble bath in a sumptuous candlelit bathroom and reaching for a glass of champagne – are you there yet? You can have the luxury bathroom you dream of – it is totally possible! Simply follow our tips for a glamorous yet practical bathroom:

Review What You Have

Go into your bathroom with a paper and pen. Make a list of all the things you like about it, and then all the things you don’t.

How are the bath, sink and toilet looking? Do they need an update or can you keep the suite as is? If so you’ll save some cash, but if not it’s easy enough to find a replacement – trawl the classified ads if you’re on a budget.

Now, how is the flooring? Does it need changing?

Finally look at the fixtures and fittings – do they serve their purpose? Storage in a bathroom is essential – otherwise you end up with tonnes of bottles and potions all being stuffed into corners.

Look above you too – how does the ceiling look and what about the light fittings?

Time for a Change

Once you have established what it is you need to change, then get to work!

The most important thing after the bath, sink and toilet is the flooring. Carpet just doesn’t work in a bathroom – it’s unhygienic and it absorbs water meaning it can be constantly damp.

Rip it up and lay ceramic tiles instead – or if you don’t have the budget then look for faux laminate flooring. It’ll be easier to clean and it will look much more appealing.

Re-tiling a bathroom is a relatively simple job – a few basic tools are all you need. Choose interesting tiles that work with the colour scheme, and make sure the grouting is done properly or it will look a little amateur.

Shelves and Fittings

Go to your local second hand furniture store and see if you can pick up a bathroom cabinet. It doesn’t have to be anything grand and if it needs a lick of paint you can do this yourself.

Make sure it has plenty of room for all the bits and pieces you need to store. It’s important at this stage to review what you are keeping in your bathroom cabinets. Old bottles of empty moisturiser and solidified nail varnish need to be thrown out immediately – only store the things you really need and use.

Once your bathroom is smartened up and fit for purpose there’s only one thing to do – run yourself a bath, dim the lights and relax in your brand new slice of heaven! We guarantee you’ll be spending a lot more time in there from now on!

Gary Benson is an interior designer working His firm is prominently known for its bathroom remodelling in CT. A keen learner, he tries to find out new ways to improve his work and increase his skill-set.


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