Why home insulation is important to combat climate change

Where does all the heat go in your home?

Spring is in the air yet despite a better turn in the weather it is still important to consider the carbon footprint of your property.

Like it or not every home owner has a responsibility to help reduce the impact of global warning on our planet so despite the season it is still important to think about  how we can all reduce the the potential effects of climate change.

Our homes are the cause of a huge percentage of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, which are now widely accepted as having a direct impact on the speed at which our climate is altering. So, when it comes to buying a property, surely we should all be taking note of how environmentally friendly and ‘green’ our potential new home is, as well as considering how we would be able to bring it up to scratch if we did decide to move in.

Perhaps you are not considering moving, but are still concerned about how your existing property fairs in the environmental stakes. By taking a good look around your home, with some specialist advice where needed, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of things you can do in order to reduce your impact on the eco system.

Prevention Is Better Than The Cure: Make Sure You Insulate

You may have noticed just how expensive it can be to heat your home during the winter, but you’ll probably be shocked to learn that almost a third of all energy we spend doing so ends up wasted – escapes like money floating through gaps in roofs, windows and doorways. To lower your carbon footprint and your heating bill, insulation is absolutely crucial in keeping that important energy inside your home – and the primary method of doing so is by installing energy saving material such as loft insulation or A-rated windows.


photo by Exothermic

With the ability to cut the heat you lose from your home by half, these magic windows are exactly what they say they are on the box: double glazed. The two panes of glass work in tandem to trap air between them, which then provides a brilliant shield against heat escaping through the window. Since this will result in greater overall heat retention, you won’t need to be burning so much energy to keep warm – it’s a real win-win situation.

Take Advantage of the Competitive Double Glazing Market

One of the biggest barriers to the installation of this wonderful window system is the cost, but you shouldn’t be put off by stories you may have heard in the past about the extortionate amounts some firms were charging. The double glazing market is now one of the most competitive in the home improvement industry, so shop around for the best quote on energy saving recommended glass and don’t be afraid to haggle to save even more money in the long run.

Once you have your double glazing installed you’ll start to reap the benefits immediately, not only in the warmth of your house but also in your bank balance. You will be able to save £100′s every year thanks to your new windows and you’ll have something much more pleasant to look at too.

Doing your bit for the environment and cutting your carbon emissions really couldn’t be simpler thanks to double glazing. While it adds to your warmth, it also adds to the value of your home and helps to keep your hard-earned money safely in the bank – so do you have to lose?

Government Backed Home Improvement Grants

The UK government is actively trying to lower emissions because failure to meet targets will result in a fine from the EU. That’s great for homeowners and landlords because in many areas of the UK the government is helping  home owners and businesses cover the cost of loft insulation to avoid this and future penalties.

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