According to the Evening Times A huge digital screen is being installed in Glasgow city centre at St Enoch Square.

The St Enoch Centre is investing £700,000 in the equipment.

The 12.8m by 6.1m high definition screen similar to this one will be the first of its size in Scotland and will be installed on April 15.

Commonly used for broadcasting sports events, it is thought that it will be a great screening location for the 2014 Games, bringing shoppers and drawing crowds into the heart of the city.


General manager of the centre, Susan Nicol, said:

As well as the obvious commercial potential which the new screen will offers to advertisers, we also see excellent opportunities to use it to showcase community, cultural and civic information….

We believe the screen will provide an excellent vehicle for interacting with visitors coming to Glasgow for events such as the Commonwealth Games and the MOBOs.


The digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising continues to grow fast. The number of digital networks doubles every year, the operators of traditional outdoor advertising are busy transferring to a new digital platform, the number of international fairs and exhibitions dedicated to DOOH are now conducted in nearly every country of the world.

So what do you think?

Does this mean that digital screens will start to take over from printed banners I wonder?

Will this screen be seen as a technical marvel that could become a tourist attraction on its own?

In Malaysia the screens line motorways and are updated via 3G wireless, they play the same ad simultaneously on every screen along a particular road, and public service announcements are also be delivered via the displays.

Is that something you can see happening here too?

Let us know.  We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas today.


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