United Kingdom Energy - EDF Energy's Direct Debit Scheme Can Save You 6%

If you are like most households, you are constantly on the alert for ways to save on your energy costs.

If you’re already following most of the experts’ energy-saving tips, you may think the only things left for you to do are high cost items such as upgrading your boiler or adding to your home’s insulation.

However, you may be surprised to learn that one of the easiest ways to save on energy costs is to pay by direct debit each month.

Many energy companies provide options for customers to pay their monthly energy bills by direct debit. Additionally, many energy companies give their customers a discount on their energy bill when they pay by direct debit.

Because direct debit is a set amount deducted automatically from an account at your financial institution, the administrative cost for the energy company to manage your account is significantly reduced. Consequently, energy companies will often pass the savings on to their customers.

EDF Energy is one of the largest energy companies in the United Kingdom, and as such, their Direct Debit payment plan is well established and efficient.

If you are an EDF Energy customer, and if you choose to pay using the Direct Debit payment plan, you can receive a 6% discount on your energy bill. According to EDF Energy, an average household using Direct Debit to pay for their electricity and gas can save up to £79 a year.

You can find out more information on EDF Energy’s Direct Debit at edfenergy.com

Another advantage of using EDF Energy’s Direct Debit to pay for your energy is that it is easier to establish and follow a budget. Since your energy bill will be the same amount each month, you can depend on that exact amount being debited out of your bank account each month. Whether summer or winter, the same amount will be debited.

Because most customers use less energy during the summer than they use during the winter, their energy account normally builds up a credit during the summer. Any credit built up during the summer will be used to balance out the account during the winter.

Although using EDF Energy’s Direct Debit does not reduce the amount of energy you use each year, the 6% discount on your bill makes paying by Direct Debit worth the effort of participating.

EDF Energy will review your energy usage twice a year in order to spot any potential problems with the amount on your bill. If for some reason your energy use increases, and if your estimated energy use for the year appears to be lower or higher, then EDF Energy will work with you to adjust the amount of your energy bill as appropriate.

In order to avoid any unexpected increase, you should check your energy use each month and report any significant increase or decrease in energy use to EDF Energy. This will help prevent any monetary surprises at the end of the year.

The Direct Debit Scheme is protected with a guarantee by all participating banks and building societies. If the amount or date of your monthly payment is scheduled to be changed, you are guaranteed to be notified at least 10 days prior to the change.

This guarantee insures you will have time to make any financial adjustments necessary to meet your changed obligations. Additionally, you can cancel your Direct Debit Scheme at any time by notifying your participating bank or building society.

Participating in a Direct Debit Scheme is one of the easiest ways to save on your monthly energy bills. With a 6% discount on your energy bill when you use EDF Energy’s Direct Debit, you can enjoy a reduction in your energy costs while also avoiding unexpected energy increases in your monthly bill.

Laura Ginn knows that she can earn a discount from her energy supplier by paying for her domestic energy bills by monthly direct debit. She can also compare her tariff from EDF Energy to all of the other major energy suppliers using uSwitch.com the UK’s biggest and best online price comparison website.


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