When is a railway station not a station?  When it is an Art, Crafts and Creatives hub that incubates and encourages new talent.


Did you know that Central Station has been bringing together creatives and showcasing their work since 2009?

Well as a former blue badge holder and stalwart car driver I did not, until recently that is.


Central Station Glasgow - Lesley Barnes

Central Station Glasgow – Lesley Barnes

So, what happened to bring my attention to this unexpected melting pot of creative talent?

Well, I saw a glimpse of a tweet from @CenSta in our Twitter stream, and always on the look out for something interesting to say and report about Glasgow I started clicking on the links.

The trail led me to thisiscentralstation.com and from the moment the web page opened I was hooked.

This is a bee hive of creative energy.

Featured events, artwork, photography, blogs and opportunities to showcase work appears fresh each day on the site

Central Station has attracted a community of creative people from across the world. The work they showcase and support ranges across a number of creative mediums from paint to pottery to video to documentary to sonic art, and even a unique short story magazine that is so visually captivating that it holds you transfixed.

This is absolutely worth a good long look.

Never will I be bored or restless on a long train journey again.

My new mantra is “have iPad – must travel”

I really hope that this post has tantalised you into taking a look; and if you like what you see please share this post +1 – it only takes a moment ~ thanks