Walker Sandford are very helpful & make extra effort with our property. I am confident I can rely on them. ~ Amanda Aitkenhead, Tenement, Renfrew.

Rarely have we found such a competent & transparent service. Their billing strategy & communication is first class ~ Castle Residential, Paisley

Only a high-calibre property management company would offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s why it makes sense to try them ~ David Carle, Glasgow

At Walker Sandford we’re proud to be different.

We genuinely care about the homes and investments we manage. We are common property managers who understand that property owners in Glasgow are looking for a fresh approach to their property management needs.

When it comes to property factoring we have broken the mold.

Our clients can rely on a high value, accountable service that brings them all the benefits, but none of the hassles associated with outdated property factoring practices.

We believe our client’s satisfaction comes NOT from simply giving them what they want, but from delivering more than they expect. And it’s not all talk…

We put our money where our mouth is with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


“We recently changed factors and the service we now receive is far superior. Apart from the financial savings, the principal advantage of the change has been the provision of a more personal and prompt service.”